About Us + Tour

Mission Statement

We are Christ the King Service Corps (CKSC), living simply in a community of faith and simplicity.  We reach out in service to all people in our neighborhood, regardless of race, religion, age or status, to instill hope and create a brighter future for the city of Detroit and its residents.


CKSC was founded in 2010 by the parishioners of Christ the King Catholic Church in Northwest Detroit with the hope of supporting Christ the King School and other community organizations.  In 2010 we welcomed young adult volunteers to dedicate to our community a year in faith, service and simplicity.

Since our founding, 47 CKSC volunteers have worked as teachers, social workers and community organizers in schools, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other nonprofits.  Through CKSC, these agencies added talented and dedicated staff enabling them to save money and enhance their missions.  CKSC teachers have allowed Christ the King School to provide scholarships to neighborhood children and saved the school from possible closure.  St. Suzanne’s / Our Lady Gate of Heaven parish recently took over the leadership of what was formerly the Don Bosco Hall Community Resource Center which was closed due to loss of funding; CKSC volunteers assist with the operation of the center.  CKSC volunteers also support activities at the St. Christine Christian Service Center, including a food pantry and soup kitchen.

Where We Live

Detroit is known as Motown, Motor City, or “The D”.  After years of struggle and a reputation for abandoned homes and high poverty rates, Detroit is experiencing a comeback with a lively downtown and a burgeoning urban agriculture movement.  But, there’s still much work to be done in the City’s neighborhoods.  The Christ the King neighborhood encompasses two City neighborhoods targeted for revitalization and reinvestment.  CKSC provides an opportunity to experience the City’s comeback and participate in our neighborhood’s revitalization.

The CKSC Community House is located on the campus of Christ the King Church and Christ the King School.  The campus also includes a St. Vincent DePaul and literacy center.  The bungalow-style brick home has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an open living room and dining room, kitchen, and furnished basement (complete with laundry machines). In the warmer months, volunteers can enjoy the sunny backyard, including a vegetable garden.  The neighborhood also includes a large grocery store, coffee shops, parks, bike trails and transit to downtown and other neighborhoods.

CKSC at a Glance

  • Affiliation:  Christ the King Catholic Church.
  • Size of Program:  4 to 7 volunteers.
  • Goal of Program:  CKSC will provide adult men and women an opportunity to grow spiritually while providing teaching assistance to Christ the King Catholic School or working as community organizers.  All volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to become involved with Christ the King Parish activities.
  • Application Deadline:  Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.
  • Current Placements:  See our website for current placement opportunities.
  • Living Arrangements:  Volunteers will live in community supporting each other, sharing chores and cooking together in a six bedroom house.  Opportunities for faith sharing and spiritual growth will be available both within the CKSC community and Christ the King Parish.
  • Length of Service:  Long-term – 1 to 3 years; Short-term – 1 year.
  • Service Area:  Detroit, Michigan.
  • Requirements:  Must be at least 21 years of age and a college graduate.
  • Training:  1-2 weeks of job-specific training in August, including orientation to surrounding community.  Also, volunteer support & mentoring throughout the year.