Applying to CKSC

Who can apply to be in Christ the King Service Corps?

Any college graduate over the age of 21 may apply to volunteer with Christ the King Service Corps.

What should I consider before I apply?

Volunteers with Christ the King Service Corps are expected to live simply in a community of faith. While most volunteers find the term of service to be an exciting and fulfilling time of personal, spiritual and professional growth, it is also a serious commitment. Take time to research and reflect on your decision to make sure a term of service with Christ the King Service Corps is a good fit for you!

Do I need to have any particular skills or credentials to apply?

Applicants for teaching positions at Christ the King School  or Covenant House Academy must be certified to teach.  Support positions at the schools do not require certification.  All candidates are encouraged to share their gifts and talents with the community and most importantly, keep an open mind and a sense of humor.

Financial Concerns

What are the financial arrangements like for volunteers?

CKSC volunteers receive a stipend to accommodate moving to the community house. The house budget covers rent, utilities, a shared food stipend, transportation to and from work, and regular community events. Volunteers also receive a small monthly stipend for personal expenses. Though CKSC members live simply, all of your basic needs will be met.

Does CKSC provide health insurance?

Many CKSC volunteers are insured through their parents and choose to keep this coverage during their term of service. If you do not have health insurance, the service corps will arrange for you to apply for health insurance through a national service organization. Most co-pay and deductible costs are also reimbursed by the service corps. For more details, or if you have a pre-existing medical condition, please contact the program director.

What will happen if I have college loans?

Most volunteers choose to defer their college loans during their term of service by submitting an “economic hardship” form to their loan holders. The program director can provide the documentation needed to apply for this deferment.

Life as a CKSC Volunteer

What is the work schedule like for volunteers? Do I get vacation time?

The work schedule for volunteers varies depending on your placement. Teachers typically work 40-50 hours a week, Monday-Friday, and some choose to supervise extracurricular activities after school or on Saturday afternoons. Community organizers also work 40-50 hours a week, but on a flexible schedule that may include Sunday mornings, evenings, or weekend workshops. Organizers also attend either a summer or fall week-long training through the national organization, paid for by MOSES. Volunteers typically follow the vacation schedules of their employers, which includes at least 2 weeks plus holidays. All vacation requests must also be approved by the community director, but are usually granted.

What is it like living in community at CKSC?

Living in community requires volunteers to collaborate and compromise.  For some people this is the first time you will live with a large group, or in a co-ed home.  Most volunteers have their own rooms, but some may share with one other person.  Volunteers also share household responsibilities, which include maintaining the house budget, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, car and house maintenance, and community scheduling.  House decisions are made by consensus at weekly meetings, and at the discretion of the program director.

Besides household responsibilities, volunteers living in community develop lasting friendships. CKSC members spend time together to watch movies, play board games, or occasionally splurge on a night out to a restaurant or bar.  Volunteers also support each other through the challenges of living and working during a term of service.

What does it mean to “live simply” as a member of CKSC?

For CKSC volunteers, living simply means more than adapting to a modest budget. It provides an opportunity to reflect on your “needs” rather than “wants”, and allows volunteers to connect to the low-income community they work with every day. All of the volunteers’ needs are taken care of, but by living simply, CKSC members develop mindful habits of discipline and advocating for social justice.

What do volunteers do for fun?

CKSC members have historically been an energetic and creative group. Despite the limits of the house budget, the volunteers find low-cost ways to enjoy free time. This includes watching movies at home or going to a matinee showing, playing board games or video games, and sometimes going out for dinner or to a bar, especially to celebrate birthdays! There are also opportunities to participate in intramural sports, local theater productions, the church choir, and cultural activities. Thanks to the generosity of CK parishioners, the volunteers have been invited to dinner, gone tubing at a lake house, and even attended Detroit Tigers games! The church also sponsors various events such as spaghetti dinners, Soul Food Sunday, and a particularly raucous Oktoberfest, complete with sausage, beer, polka and lederhosen! At CKSC there is simply no shortage of ways to have fun!

Will my friends and family be able to call or visit me during my term of service?

Yes! The CKSC community house is equipped with a landline phone and wireless internet, and most volunteers choose to use personal cell phones to keep in touch with family and friends. Volunteers who live within driving distance often bring their families to help with moving in, or to visit throughout the year. We have even had friends and family visit from as far away as California and Connecticut! Visitors are encouraged, and may choose to stay at the community house, in the home of a Service Corps Board Member, or in a nearby hotel.

What kind of community obligations will I participate in?

CKSC volunteers are expected to regularly attend the Sunday Mass at Christ the King Church, attend weekly house meetings and prayer nights, and share household responsibilities.

What is the neighborhood like?

The CKSC community house sits on a residential block with families, friendly neighbors, and children playing outside. In fact, a couple of the CKSC board members live within walking distance of the community house, and many more in the surrounding neighborhoods.  The Christ the King neighborhood is undergoing recreation and commercial improvements.  The neighborhood includes a large grocery store, coffee shops, parks, bike trails and transit to downtown and other neighborhoods.

About CKSC

What is the length of the service term? When does this start and end?

Volunteers commit to 1 year of service to start, and may choose to serve for up to 3 years. The move-in day varies from early to mid-August with orientation and work at placement sites beginning at the end of August. The term of service for all volunteers ends at the end of July.  CKSC will also consider placements at other times of the year.  Please contact the program director if you are interested in a placement before or after August.

How is CKSC different from other service programs?

CKSC was modeled after several nation-wide service programs in terms of community, faith, and simplicity. However, as a local organization, CKSC has the flexibility to adjust to the needs of its volunteers and placement sites, and provide individualized support. Volunteers will find this deeply personal approach helpful in adjusting to community life, dealing with the challenges of life as a volunteer, and making decisions for your future, either with CKSC or beyond. At CKSC you are valued and supported during your term of service, and will always remain part of the CKSC family!

After CKSC

How does a term of service with CKSC prepare me for my future plans?

CKSC volunteers gain valuable on-the-job experience, develop important skills, and take time for personal and spiritual growth. All this makes CKSC members excellent candidates for graduate programs and a wide variety of professional opportunities.

What do members of CKSC do after their terms of service?

The choices are endless! Some volunteers may choose to sign on for up to 3 years of service with Christ the King Service Corps. Others apply to graduate school, accept paid positions at their placements sites, or apply for other jobs. No matter what path you choose after CKSC, your term of service provides the opportunity for personal, spiritual and professional development that will serve you well in your future endeavors.