Service Placements

CKSC has placements for many skills and interests, including…

See below for detailed descriptions of placement opportunities…

Teaching / Education Descriptions…

Agency: Christ the King School
Position: Teacher

ription: Christ the King Catholic School, one of the four remaining Catholic elementary schools in the city of Detroit, has multiple placements available. Volunteers teach grades K through 5 in their own self-contained classroom or by specialized subject in grades 6 through 8.  From lesson planning and classroom management to grading and interacting with parents – this is a complete teaching experience. However, volunteers are highly supported by veteran mentor teachers and given an extensive “teacher bootcamp” before school starts. Teaching certificate is a big plus, but alternative placements may be possible for those without certification. Possible subjects include: Math, Science, Religion and Social Studies and K-5 classroom teacher.

Agency: Covenant House Academy
Position: Student Interventionist

  Serve the educational process by ensuring students develop and maintain good attendance practices and that parents support the attendance requirements of the Academy.  Primary responsibilities include:

    • Provide assistance to parents in developing a working relationship between home, school and community.
    • Make visits to students’ residences to develop positive family attitudes towards academic success.
    • Counsels students in matters of attendance and tardiness.
    • Works closely with staff to implement strategies to increase student attendance.
    • Development of interventions for improving student attendance.
    • Assesses students identified as homeless and makes visits to living areas/shelters.
    • Collaborates with school staff to develop interventions for students identified as homeless and develops individualized service plans.
    • Implements case management services; monitors student/family progress; and makes referrals to other professional staff members or community agencies.
    • Serves as a liaison between schools and agencies such as homeless shelters, social services, court services, and the police department to coordinate assistance for homeless students.

Agency: Covenant House Academy
Position: Teacher (English, Social Studies, Math, Science or Spanish

Delivers teacher-led instruction to meet a range of educational needs for at-risk and homeless youth.  Primary responsibilities include:

    • Differentiates instruction based on students’ learning styles and needs.
    • Establishes standards for student.
    • Demonstrates strategies and techniques that engage students in the learning process.
    • Provides timely, constructive feedback to students about assignments and questions.
    • Prepares and administers all standardized tests.
    • Serves as a role model for students and staff in demonstrating a positive attitude and an effective work ethic.

Agency: Covenant House Academy
Position: Social Worker

 Provides supportive, diagnostic and consultative service to students, teachers, administration and parents/guardians/families of students. Primary responsibilities include:

    • Evaluates students to determine their need for school social work or other services.
    • Completes and presents evaluation report to parents/guardians and the local educational agency.
    • Communicates with mental health/child services or other agencies to coordinate services.
    • Conducts parent/teacher conferences.
    • Informs teachers and parents of available special services for students.
    • Maintains an advocacy role to assure that the students’ educational, social, emotional and materials needs are met.
    • Develops effective intervention strategies.
    • Conducts behavioral assessments and plans to address student needs and target behaviors.
    • Counsels individual students regarding issues, which interfere with adjustment and/or performance.
    • Provides casework services to students and families.

Agency: Covenant House Academy
Position: Paraprofessional

Provides instructional support services under the direct supervision of a teacher to offer support to students.  Primary responsibilities include:

    • Administers reading and math tests.
    • Works with the teacher to determine the instructional needs of each student.
    • Provides one-on-one and small group tutoring.
    • Communicates with parents and families as directed by the teacher or Principal.
    • Works with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of material or skills initially introduced by the teacher.
    • Checks notebooks, corrects papers, and supervises testing and make-up work, as assigned by the teacher.

Environment / Community Development Descriptions…

Agency: Michigan Interfaith Power & Light
Position: Outreach Coordinator

Michigan Interfaith Power & Light’s mission is to inspire and equip people of faith and conscience to exercise stewardship of and love for all Creation. We work to gather and focus the immense grassroots power of faith communities to help them become leaders in the effort to address climate change and environmental degradation. The volunteer will:

    • Engage with supporters to learn their stories, build relationships, and deepen engagement with our work and mission;
    • Build the capacity of supporters by fostering connections;
    • Grow supporter base, from congregations participating in our energy efficiency programs;
    • Develop and promote sustainability activities;
    • Help member congregations connect with one another for fellowship and sharing experience and expertise.

Agency: St. Suzanne Cody/Rouge Community Resource Center
Position: Assistant Program Manager, Green Enterprise/Workforce Development Program

Description: The Cody/Rouge Community Resource Center serves neighborhood residents by providing access to co-working space and entrepreneurship and workforce skill training programs.  The program manager will work with all aspects of planning and implementing businesses that will provide both training and jobs for residents to participate in community development.  Tasks include:

    • Updating and implementing project plans for green infrastructure workforce development;
    • Assisting with community engagement;
    • Articulating connections between green infrastructure social enterprise, entrepreneurial, and middle/high school programs;
    • Recruiting contacts for resident-produced goods and services;
    • Identifying opportunities to deploy environmental solutions to rainwater runoff, drainage, soil, garden, and/or solar needs;
    • Marketing and recruiting residents to work in the industry;
    • Identifying unique opportunities to synergize the work within the neighborhood and among partnering agencies and services.

Agency: Grandmont/Rosedale Development Corporation
Position: Real Estate Project Manager

Description: The Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation is a non-profit, community-based organization working to preserve and improve the Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhoods of northwest Detroit. We take a comprehensive approach to community revitalization, with programs designed to renovate vacant homes, assist local homeowners and businesses, beautify our community and keep our neighborhoods safe and vibrant. Under the leadership of Executive Director, the volunteer will:

    • Create checklist and timeline for projects;
    • Research property ownership, develop project budgets, and help assess feasibility;
    • Coordinate the work of project related consultants, including architects, attorneys, environmental consultants, etc;
    • Procure surveys, appraisals and other documentation needed to obtain development financing;
    • Assist with packaging development finance applications;
    • Coordinate specific projects as identified;

Agency: Grandmont/Rosedale Development Corporation
Position: Community Engagement

Description: The Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation is a non-profit, community-based organization working to preserve and improve the Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhoods of northwest Detroit. We take a comprehensive approach to community revitalization, with programs designed to renovate vacant homes, assist local homeowners and businesses, beautify our community and keep our neighborhoods safe and vibrant. Under the leadership of Community Engagement Manager, the volunteer will:

    • Coordinate the creation and activation of a young professional advisory board;
    • Recruit and coordinate volunteers for task forces, beautification projects, events and other activities;
    • Coordinate a range of outreach activities – virtual and in person as appropriate;
    • Assist with program evaluation and reporting as appropriate;

Community Organizing / Support Descriptions…

Agency: St. Suzanne Cody/Rouge Community Resource Center
Position: Assistant Center Manager

The Cody/Rouge Community Resource Center serves neighborhood residents by providing a place to get tutoring, childcare, athletic programming and Head Start programs.  The Assistant Manager will represent the Resource Center by assisting walk-in guests with information about and accessing services and coordinating among the various organizations that provide services. This position is great for someone who is good with planning, outgoing, and interested in meeting diverse people.

Agency: St. Christine’s Christian Services
Position: Food Pantry Assistant

 Aiding the community with a multitude of practical services since 1983, SCCS seeks to improve the living standard of one of Detroit’s most in need communities through meaningful relationships and enabling individuals to grow as self-sufficient and contributing members of the society. This volunteer will work with the main aspects of SCCS: food pantry assistance, soup kitchen, hospitality suite, conversation, garden programs, St. Vincent de Paul, bus transportation and more. This volunteer will also represent SCCS, Christ the King Catholic Church and its cluster sister parish in the community through attending meetings, partnering with local organizations and meeting with neighborhood leaders. This position includes lifting large boxes and driving a full-sized van.

 Agency: MOSES
Position: Community Organizer

MOSES is a community organizing nonprofit serving residents of Detroit.  MOSES supports the development of strong grassroot leaders and facilitating campaigns to address social justice issues.  MOSES helps ordinary people find and exercise their civic power.  This entails two possible positions, pieces of either or both will be included depending on volunteer interest and skills.  The first position works with the critical issue of educational equity.  Many low-income Michigan communities suffer from underfunded public schools, high student-to-teacher ratios, discriminatory charter school policies, and lack of access to essential pre-kindergarten programs.  The second position will tackle the infrastructure challenges faced by the monthly water drainage fee.  Growing segments of our community face astronomical water bills and challenges as Detroit suffers the consequences of bankruptcy.  These positions are great for someone who is a grassroots activist and loves hearing and sharing stories.  The community organizers will:

    • Conduct one on ones with clergy, members of congregations and MOSES partner organizations;
    • Collect community members stories;
    • Conduct trainings with MOSES leaders;
    • Lend support identifying long term solutions to education or water equity issues, and
    • Host public meetings with public officials.

Housing / Homelessness Descriptions…

Agency: Covenant House of Michigan
Position: Residential Adviser

This direct service position will have the volunteer working closely with youth (18-22) experiencing homelessness as they participate in Covenant House’s programs and transition into a safe, stable and successful adulthood. Work will range from helping clients acquire photo ID and documents upon entry, to connecting clients with programs, life-skill and services, to following up after the program ends to check in on client progress. Degree in a related field a plus, but great energy and a passion for service are what makes a perfect candidate for this position. Valid driver’s license required. Must get Michigan license upon arrival.

Agency: Community and Home Supports, Inc.
Position: Social Worker, Intake and Homecare

 This entails two possible positions, pieces of either or both will be included depending on volunteer interest and skills. First: CHS’s Housing Program. Focusing on intake, assessment, services navigation, housing placement and case management duties for homeless individuals, families and those at risk of homelessness. Second: CHS’s Life Skills and Homecare program, advocacy for seniors to keep them living independently. Service occurs through intake, assessment, care plans, case management, referrals and being a complete advocate for clients. Case notes and documentation are key to both positions.

Agency: Community and Home Supports, Inc.
Position: Community Organizer

Community & Home Supports is organizing in the northwest Detroit community near Christ the King to develop and implement a pocket part that the neighborhood wants. This means the Community Organizer will reach out to neighbors, present the opportunity to create their own vision, and then cultivate residents’ visions and ideas about what they might like to see on the site. You will work with the CHS housing staff, as well, assisting in navigation and other tasks to help homeless individuals and families make new, permanent homes, with the necessary supportive services for housing stability.